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Assessing a product's quality is limited to the accuracy and precision of its quantifiable data. Hurricane Engineering and Testing Inc. (HETI) is a lab designed for optimal testing and data collecting methods. In order to test products under a wide range of protocols, HETI uses high-grade industrial equipment to conduct tests. HETI is able to perform structural, impact, and cyclic wind load tests with air pressures up to 560 pounds per square foot. Utilizing a variety of metallurgic destructive and non-destructive testing equipment, such as a tensile strength machine, HETI is able to analyze materials before, during, and after a test.

  Reliable Analysis for Proper Evaluation  

HETI uses their patented steel testing fixtures to hold large testing samples such as garage doors, windows, or shutters of various sizes firmly, and in a timely manner. This allows clients to reduce the normal setup time that other testing labs spend building wooden fixtures to hold the aforementioned products. Hence, clients are able to test more products in a quicker time frame, while obtaining more accurate results that other testing labs. In addition, HETI's automated testing system instantly provides cost-effective, accurate test results, such as multi-point load deflection curves, which assist in reporting product performance during the course of a test.

  Complying with Building Codes:  

An ISO 17025 Accredited Testing Facility (IAS TL-296). Hurricane Engineering & Testing Inc. (HETI) test building products, mechanical systems, and construction materials to meet with Miami-Dade County building codes, which are the most extensive set of building codes in the United States. In addition, HETI is able to test building products to comply with building codes world wide. At HETI, we view attaining building code compliance as a task that requires collaboration from both the manufacturer and the testing lab. Hence, when products are not passing their respective product standards, we welcome discussions between manufacturers and HETI to improve the product to meet the necessary building codes. In order to ensure that HETI approved building products satisfy the most stringent building codes, we continually emphasize quality control in our testing systems and methods. Most HETI product test comply with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Furthermore, HETI is accredited by International Accreditation Service, Inc., Florida Department of Community Affairs, the Florida Building Code, the Building code Compliance of Miami-Dade County Florida, Keystone Certifications, and the National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI).

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